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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Definition of Gheebah

Al- Gheebah Backbiting & its evil Effects on Musilm Society

All praise is due to Allah, and may Allah's peace and blessing be on the Messenger of Allah, His Progeny Companions and those who followed him.

There is no doubt that Allah has bestowed tremedous bounties on mankind. Among the foremost of these bounties after Islam is the bounty of speaking with the tongue.

However, the tongue is a weapon that has two sharp edges . If it is used in the Obedience of Allah, such as reciting the Quran, enjoining righteousness, forbidding evil, helping the oppressed and other rigtheous acts, then this is required from every Muslim. They must also be thankful (To Allah) for this bounty.

However, if the tongue is used in the obedience of Satan, in dividing the Muslim community, lying, uttering falsehood, backbiting, spreading calumnies, breaching the honor of Muslims and other acts that Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) have forbidden, then this is forbidden for Musilm. This is among the harms of the tongue and one of the greatest harms to mankind.

It is easier for manking to aviod eating forbidden things, injustice, adultery, theft and alcohol comsumption, than controlling his tongue. This is why some men who are described as abstinent, religious worshippers of Allah, sometimes utter words that anger Allah, while being careless regarding the evil they are uttering. Also, a person may strive to stay away from lewdness and transgression, yet his tongue tears and slaughters the honor and reputation of the living, and even the deceased. They do not care about what they utter, and power and strenght come only from Allah.

Hence, due to the danger of the tongue's harms upon the individual, the society and the Islamic nation. we undertook the task of writing the treatise and something regarding this dangerous matter. Hopefully Allah will benefit the Muslim with it and success is from Allah.

The Definition of Gheebah

The Prophet (pbuh) explained the meaning of Gheebah (backbiting) in his saying

"Do you know what Al-Gheebaah is?

They said, "Allah and His messenger know best" He Said:

"Your mentioning your brother with what he hates."

It was asked, "what if that which i say is (really) in my brother? H said:

"If he (really) has in him what you say, you will commintting Gheebah against him, and if what you say is not (really) in him, you will be slandering him."

Therefore, "Gheebah" means to mention someone in his absence by an attribute or a characteristic that he has, which if he were present he would hate.

However, if the absent person is not as he was described then this is called buhtaan, meaning, lies and falsehood. which is worse than Gheebah.

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