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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Place And Dress for Prayers (Salat)

A Place for Prayers:A place or a building which is used for the purpose of worship and Salat is called a Masjid (mosque).
A Hadith tells us that

This means that wherever a Muslim might be, he can offer his Salat but the reward of a Salat offered in a mosque is far greater than that offered in an ordinary place. The following points should be noted when choosing a place for Salat:

(a) The place should be clean and pure. Salat in a dirty, filthy and impure place such as a rubbish tip, slaughter house, bathing place and a camel pen is forbidden.
(b) The place should be free from danger. The danger could be due to someone or something that may disturb the worshipper.
(c) A prayer place where the worshipper might hinder the movement of others should be avoided, e.g. busy pavements, public roadways etc.
(d) It is forbidden to pray on the roof of Baitullah (Kabah).
(e) It is forbidden to pray on top of or facing towards a grave.

(i) The dress for men should be such that it covers from the navel to the knees at least.
(ii) The shoulders should not be left uncovered.
(iii) Salat can be prayed in one garment if it covers the body from the navel to the knees as well as the shoulders.(Bukhari and Muslim.)
If, however, the garment is not long enough to cover the shoulders then parts of the body between the navel and the knees should at least be covered.

The dress of the woman should be such that it covers her whole body from head to foot leaving only the face and the hands uncovered. A Salat offered in transparent clothing is not valid. Also, tight-fitting clothing which shows the shape of the body should be avoided.

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